ChatGPT nieuwe AI toepassing geeft antwoord en een schrijft gedicht.
Geplaatst door beheer op 18. February 2023 11:00
De laatste tijd is er veel te doen over kunstmatige intelligente software met name van OpenAI. Wat de laatste versies van ChatBots onder andere ChatGPT kunnen is soms best frappant.
Misschien aardig om het eens geheel gratis uit te proberen.
De link naar ChatGPT is:
De output is niet altijd 100% correct, kijk hier wel mee uit voor (veiligheids) critische toepassingen!

Gevraagd door mij aan ChatGPT werd:
Wat zijn de voordelen van een radio repeater? En schrijf een gedicht over radioamateurisme.
Iets wat die AI tool wel degelijk ook kan.

Fascinerende ontwikkeling...
Veel succes en plezier met ChatGPT!

Hieronder een weergave van die twee ChatGPT dialogen:
• ChatGPT would you like to explain the benefits of a radio repeater? Thank you!

Reply Chatbot: Certainly!
A radio repeater is a device used to improve the range and coverage of a radio communication system. Essentially, it receives a signal from one radio and retransmits it at a higher power, allowing the signal to cover a larger area or reach a more distant receiver.
Here are some benefits of using a radio repeater:
1. Extended Range:
2. Improved Signal Quality
3. Better Coverage:
4. Cost-Effective:
Overall, a radio repeater can be an excellent tool for improving the range, coverage, and quality of a radio communication system. It can be particularly useful in industries such as public safety, transportation, and construction, where reliable communication is essential.

• ChatGPT would you like to write a poem about radio amateurism? Thank you!

Reply Chatbot: Of course, I would be happy to!
Here is a poem about radio amateurism:

Radio waves dance in the air, Carrying messages here and there.
In the world of radio amateurism, Hams use their skills to bridge the schism.
With their transceivers and antennas tall,
They communicate with ease, one and all.
They tinker and build, experiment and learn,
Their passion for radio forever to burn.
Through the static and the noise they hear,
A world of voices, far and near.
They reach out to strangers in foreign lands, Building friendships with their hands.
Radio amateurism is a hobby like no other,
A community of individuals, close like a brother.
They share their knowledge and their passion,
Bringing people together in communication.
So let the airwaves carry your voice, And let your signal be heard with rejoice.
For in the world of radio amateurism,
The magic of communication is truly a prism.